Credpal Instalment Payments

Select CredPal at Checkout and Feel Great About Buying

You can make purchases and pay in stress-free, fixed monthly payments entirely on your terms.

Simply place your order and signify that you wish to use CredPal installment payment option and give yourself the convenience of spreading your payment over time. 

Credit approval takes a few minutes to approve.

Easy Steps:

  • Step 1 - You walk into our store to make a purchase or place an order on our website and signify you wish to pay with Credpal.
  • Step 2 - We will initiate your request with a unique link to Credpal
  • Step 3 - You then receives an email or SMS where you are required to fill in specific details like your BVN
  • Step 4 - CredPal performs underwriting in real time
  • Step 5 - We get notified if you are approved or declined for credit
  • Step 6 - We fulfill the order and get paid by CredPal
  • Step 7 - You pay CredPal conveniently over a few months