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Anker Chargers

Anker Chargers are classified into:
Powerport – Wall chargers & Desktop Chargers
Powerdrive – Car chargers
Powerwave – Wireless charging pads and stands

The powerport, powerdrive and powerwave chargers come in different designs and different number of ports but they are all equipped with Anker’s proprietary technology that makes Anker a leader in the mobile chargers industry.

Anker’s most popular proprietary technologies for safe and efficient charging are:
– PowerIQ Technology
– VoltageBoost
– Multiprotect

When a device manufacturer like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola etc makes a mobile device like a phone or tablet, they usually produce its specialised charger to charge it according to design. 

These chargers can be used to charge other devices but usually what you find is that they do not charge them optimally because they were not designed to charge other devices. 

Anker on the other hand makes their chargers to be able to charge any mobile device optimally through PowerIQ technology. The technology rides on the back of a microchip that is built into every charger to: 

  1. Identify the device plugged in for charging
  2. Automatically adjust to the device’s charging protocol
  3. Supply the fastest possible charging speed according to device design
  4. Monitor temperatures during charging to prevent overheating
  5. Adjust charging speeds according to temperature changes during charging

All these ensure that the device charges as fast as possible without getting hot or posing a fire hazard to users.

VoltageBoost is a unique technology in Anker chargers that monitors resistance in old or long cables that may prevent a device from charging fast and alters the supplied voltage to ensure charging speed is unaffected by failing cables provided the cables are not yet totally damaged.

Multiprotect refers to Anker’s exclusive 11-point suite of advanced safety and protection systems built into every charger. 

There are many risks associated with other generic rapid chargers—overheating, fires, even explosions. MultiProtect ensures complete safety for all your devices and most importantly, you.

These include:

  • Input high voltage protection
  • Outpost high voltage protection
  • Input current regulation
  • Output current regulation
  • Automatic current matching
  • Input short circuit protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Static resistance
  • Device overcharge protection
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Output temperature control

Anker chargers are engineered with safety and reliability in mind. They are really the most powerful and efficient chargers you can find and they are all backed with 18 months warranty.

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