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Anker Innovations

Anker’s goal is to make your life easier while on the move by providing a wide range of mobile accessories for every phone type ranging from cables, wall chargers, car chargers, powerbanks, bluetooth headsets and bluetooth speakers just to mention a few. 

Anker Innovations has 5 sub brands namely: 

  • Anker 

    Anker is one of the most well-known charging brands in the world. In addition to developing the world’s most popular portable batteries, Anker is developing a new class wired and wireless charging products for the home, car and on-the-go. Anker is also a pioneer in Power Delivery, a new and exciting class of charging products that can deliver power to phones, tablets and laptops at unprecedented speeds.

  • Soundcore 

    Soundcore breaks audio illusions to create speakers and earphones that spark real emotions. This includes the Flare series, 360° speakers with a beat-driven lightshow, and the Spirit series, the world’s first truly sweatproof earphones.

  • Nebula 

    NEBULA represents a new class of smart, portable entertainment devices. This includes the Nebula Mars and the Nebula Capsule — the world’s first smart, portable projector.

  • Eufy 

    EUFY is creating a new generation of connected devices and appliances that will simplify the smart-home experience and make it more accessible. This includes the EUFY Genie, an Alexa-powered home speaker, and a growing list of smart appliances such as lights, vacuums and smart plugs.

  • Roav 

    ROAV is focused on developing products that bring smart, connected services to any vehicle. This includes Roav DashCam cameras, smart car chargers and the Roav Viva, the world’s first Alexa car kit to bring voice assisted calling, navigation and more to the car.

Anker Innovations’ products are not necessarily the cheapest in the market when considering the initial cost of purchase but they are the most economical when you consider their exceptional quality and long term warranty (18 months warranty for most Anker products).

For instance, Anker cables are engineered and built to ensure they outlast other cables in the market. The major source of faults were identified and reinforced for added strength and the cables are reinforced with bulletproof aramid fiber.As a result of the utmost care and devotion taken into engineering and production, Anker cables charge your devices fast and they guarantee fast data transfer speeds with the assurance of 18 months warranty.

Anker products are truly innovative and light years ahead of competitors. A brief search of Anker products on Amazon will reveal millions of positive reviews from actual users of Anker products across several Anker product lines.

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