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Anker Powerbanks

Anker first came into limelight in 2011 because they made great powerbanks that quickly became very popular in America.

Anker portable powerbanks are branded as the Anker Powercore series of portable chargers.

Some people think our powerbanks are expensive, but from our experience, such people are yet to have any form of experience with the Anker brand and assume that all powerbanks are the same.

Anker is big on quality and their products are well thought out and properly designed before manufacturing.

Anker employs advanced technology and only the best batteries and materials to produce its powerbanks; which is why Anker powerbanks always outlast competing brands in the market and are true to advertised capacity. 

Anker uses superior quality batteries and specially designed microchips built to incorporate PowerIQ, VoltageBoost and Multiprotect technologies into its powerbanks for intelligent and safe charging of your mobile devices.

Anker powerbanks charge fast without heating up or damaging your device.

Anker powerbanks usually take longer to charge than other powerbanks and that is because they are actually true to capacity unlike most powerbanks that would claim 10,000mAh but will actually be 6,000mAh or less in real world use.

For instance, a powerbank from Anker with 10,000mAh will charge an average phone 3-4 times whereas most other powerbanks that claim to be 10,000mAh will only give you about 2-3 charges at most.

Some models overcome this recharging time challenge by adopting the latest charging technologies like Quick Charge and Power Delivery to drastically cut down on charge times.

Anker makes powerbanks from 3,000mAh – 26,800mAh. Some other brands claim to have portable powerbanks above 26,800mAh but they do not actually live up to capacity. 

Anker powerbanks are backed with 18 months warranty, so you are not just getting a fantastic product that will charge your devices fast, efficiently and safely but you are also enjoying peace of mind.

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