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Anker Powerline

Anker cable are the most durable and best performing cables in the world. Anker cables are engineered to perfection and reinforced with Aramid fibre which is the same material used to make bulletproof vests, so you can imagine how tough the cables are.

Anker cables are designed with a thicker gauge than other generic cables to ensure fast charging and fast data transfer speeds.

Anker cables are reinforced with dual layer of PVC material to ensure the ends do not break and fall apart like most other cable usually do.

Anker cables are lab tested to ensure they can withstand a significant number of  bends without failing or falling apart. It is the result of such lab tests that results in the categorisation of “bend lifespan”; meaning the number of time you will have to bend the cable before it starts failing. The higher the bend lifespan, the tougher the cable.

As an added advantage, some Anker cables come coated in nylon braided material for added strength and durability.

All Anker cables fall under the Powerline brand name.

Powerline+ signifies that a cable has nylon braiding protection.

Powerline signifies the first generation of Powerline cables that have about 4,000 to 6,000 plus bend lifespan.

Powerline II is the 2nd generation of Powerline cables that have 12,000 to 30,000 plus bend lifespan. 

Anker keeps pushing the limits of innovation to continuously produce the best products possible.

Anker Powerline cables consist of:

Anker Micro USB – for by most Android and mobile devices.

Anker lightning cables – for by Apple devices.

Anker USB-C cables – The new standard of charging cables for new devices that promise faster charging and higher rate of transfers. It is also referred to as Type-C cable

Anker USB C To Lightning – The new charge and sync cable standard for Apple devices.

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