Anker 737 PowerCore III Elite 26000mAh 87W USB-C PD Portable Charger – Black


Key Features
  • 25,600mAh Power Capacity
  • Charge up to 4 Devices Simultaneously
  • 2 x USB-C & 2 x USB-A Ports
  • Up to 87W from a Single USB-C Port
  • All 4 Ports: Up to 48W (Outside USB-C), up to 18W (Inside USB-C), and up to 15W split between the two USB-A ports.
  • Both USB-A Ports: Both ports share up to 78W of output.
  • One USB-C Port: Either of the USB-C ports can output up to 87W with nothing else connected.
  • Please note that with both USB-C ports used, the outside port is the only one capable of laptop charging.

Note: No wall charger is included

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High-Speed Charging

Dual USB-C ports come equipped with Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ 3.0 technology to charge a wide range of devices at full-speed.

Comprehensive Protection

Our MultiProtect safety system combines temperature control, high-voltage protection, current regulation, and more to give you peace of mind.

Trickle Charging Mode

Tailored to meet the tiny power requirements of smaller devices including Bluetooth earphones, ensuring a fast and safe charge for every device, no matter the size.

Model Number: A1291

PowerCore III Elite 26K 87W


The High-Speed Portable Charging Bundle

Power for Days

Keep your phone and tablet charged for days, or to give your USB-C laptop a full charge thanks to the 25,600mAh cell capacity.


High-Speed Charging

Connect to either USB-C port to get a powerful charge up to 87W. Fully charge a wide range of laptops including MacBook Pro 15” and Lenovo X! in less than 2 hours.


Charge 4 Devices Simultaneously

Dual USB-C ports and dual USB-A ports offer a total 78W output, so you can charge a laptop, tablet, phone, and more—all at the same time.


Rapid Recharging

Use the Anker Pod 65W wall charger (sold separately) to give PowerCore’s internal battery a full recharge in just over 2 hours. Or use a normal 12W wall charger to recharge the Power bank in about 9 hours


Superior Safety

Anker’s MultiProtect safety system combines temperature control, high-voltage protection, and much more to deliver a safe charging experience for you and your devices.


Trickle-Charging Mode

Designed to provide optimized charging to low-power devices such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories. To activate, press the power button twice or press and hold for 2 seconds until the LED indicator turns green.



When using both USB-C ports, only the rightmost USB-C port supports laptop charging.

Both USB-C ports support recharging input.

The total maximum output when connected to 4 devices is 78W.

Use a USB-C or USB-A to Lightning cable to charge Lightning devices.

25,600mAh is the total of the nominal rated capacity of internal battery cells.

Also, the Powerbank does not come with a Wall Charger


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