Mi Portable Photo Printer with Printer Paper

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Mi Portable Photo Printer

Sliding cover for easy paper loadingThe sliding cover design lets you load paper in just two steps Slides open smoothly and easily, without separating the case from the device Better paper loading experience
Clear colour, instant printingZINK inkless printing technology uses microcrystal dyes embedded in the paper No ink needed, images are formed when the photo paper is heated by the print head No ink means less wear on the print head

Mi Portable Photo Printer

Mi Portable Photo Printer

Highly adhesive sticky-backed photo paperWorks with ZINK sticky-backed photo paper Better colour retention and greater viscosity for reliable use Costs less than other photo paper, so you can use it more freely
Mi Portable Photo Printer Sticky-backed Photo PaperGet creative and have fun sticking photos to any surface Mi exclusive | Inkless printing | Instant photo printing | Fun 3-inch photos | Sticky-backed design | Good quality at a low price
3-step easy assembly

  • Step 1Open the printer’s paper tray cover.
  • Step 2Place the photo paper into the printer with the barcode on the orange calibration card facing down. (We recommended loading a full pack each time. The orange calibration card must be at the bottom.)
  • Step 3Close the printer’s paper tray cover.
Print Technology: Thermal (ZINK)
Print Resolution: 313 x 400dpi
Print Photo Paper Size: 2x3 inches (50mm x 76mm)
Printing Speed: Approximately 45 seconds per page
Cartridge Capacity: Up to 10 sheets
Supported File Formats: JPEG, PNG
AR Photo Support: Yes
Bluetooth Multiplayer Connection: Up to 3 people
Usage: 3-step setup, easy to use
Package Contents: Printer, USB Cable, Instruction Manual
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**Compact and Portable Design**
The Xiaomi AR Printer is a marvel of modern technology, designed to fit seamlessly into your on-the-go lifestyle. Its sleek, pocket-sized form factor makes it an ideal companion for travelers and professionals alike. With a 300dpi print resolution, this mini printer delivers crisp, clear images that capture the essence of your memories. Whether you're printing photos from your smartphone or creating AR experiences, the Xiaomi AR Printer ensures that your moments are captured in stunning detail.
**Advanced Features and Connectivity**
The Xiaomi AR Printer is more than just a printer; it's a gateway to a new world of creative possibilities. With its AR photo feature, you can bring your photos to life by scanning them and experiencing dynamic, real-time augmented reality. The printer's ability to record audio while printing allows you to add a personal touch to your photos, making them more than just a static image. The Bluetooth multiplayer connection supports up to three people, making it an ideal choice for group activities or collaborative projects.
**Ease of Use and Convenience**
The Xiaomi AR Printer is designed with the user in mind, featuring a simple 3-step setup process that ensures you're up and running in no time. The slide cover paper design allows for a smooth, effortless paper loading experience, while the two-phase filling system ensures that you're always ready to print. With its support for JPEG and PNG file formats, you can print directly from your smartphone or computer, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use. Whether you're looking to create personalized photo gifts or share your memories with friends and family, the Xiaomi AR Printer is the perfect companion for all your printing needs.


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