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Shine Bright, Save Green: A Look at Aootek’s Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Looking for ways to illuminate your outdoor space while being eco-friendly and saving money? Solar motion sensor lights are a fantastic option, and Aootek offers two popular models: the 120 LED with Light Reflector and the 182 LED with 2500Lm. But which one is right for you? Let’s delve into their features, differences, and how they can brighten your life – and your wallet.

Shining a Light on the Features:

FeatureAootek 120 LEDAootek 182 LED
Number of LEDs120182
LumensNot specified2500Lm
Motion Sensor Range26ft, 120°26ft, 120°
Detection Modes3 (Motion, Permanent On, Smart Brightness)3 (Motion, Permanent On, Smart Brightness)
Solar Panel SizeNot specified15.3 sq in
Battery Capacity2200mAhNot specified
Waterproof RatingIP65IP65
Warranty1 year1 year

Choosing Your Light Champion:

The 120 LED model is a solid choice for smaller areas like doorways, steps, or patios. Its compact size and lower price point make it ideal for budget-conscious buyers.

Meanwhile, the 182 LED light packs a punch with its high lumen output, making it suitable for larger spaces like driveways, yards, or even streets. Its bigger solar panel ensures longer-lasting illumination.

Beyond Brightness: The Power of Solar:

Both Aootek lights harness the sun’s power, eliminating the need for electricity and saving you money on fuel or diesel for generators. They’re also environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

More Than Just Savings:

Solar motion sensor lights offer additional benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: The motion sensor deters unwanted visitors by illuminating your property upon approach.
  • Convenience: Automatic lighting eliminates the need to manually switch lights on and off.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your outdoor space is well-lit provides added security and comfort.

Light Up Your Life and Your Savings:

Whether you choose the 120 LED for targeted illumination or the 182 LED for powerful brightness, Aootek’s solar motion sensor lights offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to light up your outdoor space. So, make the switch to solar and enjoy the benefits of bright nights, lower bills, and a greener future.


  • Consider the size of the area you want to illuminate when choosing your light.
  • Think about your budget and desired brightness level.
  • Embrace the environmental and financial benefits of solar power.

With Aootek’s solar motion sensor lights, you can truly have it all – safety, convenience, affordability, and environmental responsibility. Let the sunshine in, and let your savings shine through!

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