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Why Anker?

In all our years of retailing electronic products and accessories, Anker is one company that has really stood out to be a pioneer of new technologies and producers of high quality products that are backed with impressive warranty. 

Anker believes in producing with the best materials and employing the best technologies available to keep their products in the frontiers of innovation. 

Having operated in the tech retail space in Nigeria for a while, O & O Gadgets as a company decided to specialise in mobile accessories to address the quality issues that plagued mobile accessories sold in Nigeria.

I remember one of my first encounters with inferior products in computer village in Lagos. I was fortunate to have the defective product replaced but only to find that the replacement was also faulty and I had to eventually count my losses and move on.

The experience left a bitter taste in my mouth as I can imagine it has done to so many people that have had similar experiences and I felt really cheated.

It was therefore a pleasure to me when we found a company that offers as much as 18 months warranty for mobile accessories at a time when mobile accessories expressly carried no warranties in Nigeria.

Yes, I dare say we are changing the narrative because since we came on board, quite a few other companies have started offering reasonable warranties on mobile accessories.

In all our years and testing and research of similar products, we have found Anker products to offer the best balance between price and quality so anyone purchasing Anker products is getting great value.

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