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Why Your Mobile Charger Is Performing Poorly

So some people usually ask: why is it so expensive?

The problem is not with the price but the fact that we as a people in this part of the world have gotten used to inferior products over the years.

Ask yourself sincerely, how many times have you replaced your charging cable or wall charger this year?

More importantly, how safe are the chargers and powerbanks you keep managing because you believe they are cheap?
Don’t you deserve better?

The truth is that you will always get what you pay for.

As simple as a charging cable looks to the eye, it needs to be engineered to meet the appropriate standards for your mobile devices. This is why people complain that their charging cables charge slowly or does not allow data transfers when connected to a computer.

Charging cables for Apple products for instance need to be MFI compliant else they would not charge Apple devices optimally and could be very dangerous to the device, which is why the device will give an error message while charging.

Should we go on to talk about USB-C or Type C cables that are fast becoming the standard for charging modern phones and devices? If your cable is not built to standard, you are definitely not getting the full benefit of Power Delivery that the USB-C charging standard brings to modern devices. A USB-C cable that is capable of power delivery can charge both your phone and enabled laptops at the appropriate charging speeds provided you have the appropriate charger to use.

Now if there can be so many intricacies to seemingly ordinary charging cables, what would you imagine will be the case with wall chargers, car chargers and powerbanks?

In all these, you don’t have anything to worry about if you are using authentic Anker mobile accessories because they guarantee the safety of your devices and come with 18 months warranty cover.

The truth is that good quality products require more money to produce than substandard products.

Anker is a world leading mobile accessories brand recognised for innovation and top quality products.
Anker products are engineered and designed to world class standards which is why they are very popular in western markets like US, UK and Canada.

Anker chargers and powerbanks are designed with PowerIQ, VoltageBoost and over 11 safety features to ensure optimal charging and safety for you and your mobile devices.

Don’t play cheap and risk your safety or precious investments; Get Anker chargers today and say goodbye to all your charging woes.

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